For absolute beginners who has no prior experience.

Kickstarting a new career in computer programming or system administration? Trying out the world of computer science for the very first time? Then learn from a master at a very affordable rate. In case you are not happy in the end, you can request a full refund. So never hesitate to try. We kept this option not because we are not fully confident about our quality but to give you the liberty of trying out something, which you are not fully confident about. So, let's start your new career just for $24 an hour.

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$24 an hour with refund guarantee.

Are you struggling to get your head around something related to computer science? Like - Programming, Data Structures or Algorithms. You have just started to push yourself to believe that you are no good for computer programming? Give us a chance before you write yourself off. We take full responsibly if you are not able to follow or if our sessions are not engaging and you are daydreaming during the sessions. All for $24 an hour with refund guaranteed if you are not happy.

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Computer Programming, System Admin, Security and more.

Let your target be .NET, Java, Javascript, DevOps, System Administration or practically anything you wish in IT and you can start it here. Courses which start from layman basics to anywhere students like to go. Let it be .net core or OS kernel. Design, Coding, Debugging, Algorithms, Data Structure, Cloud, Cryptography, Virtualization - learn or refresh better than you ever did. Everything will have an "Applied" and "Industry touch" than just science.

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Unparalleled expertise or your money is refunded.

Learn from an expert. Never compromise on that. Most of our previous students were already working for industry-leading companies like Microsoft, Citrix, Vmware, Philips and so on and had experience between 5 to 15 years. As you might guess, they were already experts, even before learning from us. Even then, without fail, we always exceeded their expectations every single time. Now it's your turn to test us. Browse our course list and see what catches your interest or just have a glimpse, what some of those experts say about us.


Instructor-led, classroom sessions, in Sydney CBD NSW

Unparalleled Expertise, yet affordable.

Quality of the content and experience of the instructor are our greatest strengths. We compromise anything else but this. You will be learning from the instructor who was working in Microsoft, Citrix, Intel and Vmware at Principal positions in Software Development, who also has a long history of successful corporate training career. Learn from a real professional. Let your target be a software engineer, IT admin, ethical hacking or anything related to information technology this can be your starting point. All for $24 an hour.

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Unparalleled Expertise, yet affordable.

Keen focus on simplicity and fundamentals

The fact that we have a ton of advanced expertise does not mean that whatever we teach is going to be over your head. More than often programming is all about - learning the basics and then just integrate things from the documents, forums, and open source. So we give utmost importance to basics. We always make sure you are enrolled in courses you can follow and we will show you the correct path if you looking for something advanced. Moreover, if you are not able to grasp the course content we consider it's our fault and not yours’.

Start from the basics
Start from the basics

We take full responsibility.

When it comes to courses or universities, students are always blamed for lack of results. But not at SourceLens. We make sure you are enrolling in a course which can really follow, just by attending duration of course. Most importantly the instructor has the full responsibility to take you there. This also means we won't allow you to enrol for an advanced course if we find that you don't have the right background for the course and you will be asked to take the basics first. Now after everything, if things didn't go in your way, you can always go for a full refund.

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We take full responsibility.