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"I would like to say SourceLens is one of the best places to learn programming and debugging. There are many resources available to learn these skills, but they are resources written by developers for developers. An average IT pro who works on products, needs a little more of explanation, about the various abstractions and layers, that come into the picture when dealing with software. This is exactly the niche area I think SourceLens is filling. The concepts are explained in a way understandable to many, with many real life examples of how the OS works etc. I am sure this is going to benefit the community a lot, by making everyone better skilled, because knowledge of programming is prerequisite to learn any deep concepts. This is definitely a right step in the right direction. Keep them coming I am hungry for more ."

Samuel Jacob
Escalation Engineer, Microsoft Corporation
Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

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George is one of my top skilled engineer and had been responsible for mentoring and ramping-up junior engineers in the team and as well go out of his way to support others on technical requests, as required. Keen in sharing his hard-earned Knowledge in Windows Internals with other team members - on multiple occasions he has delivered training sessions for others and helped them also ramp-up on the relevant technologies George is very meticulous, precise in his communication and uses his technical prowess and as well his customer keenness in arriving at fast & intelligent decisions for successful executions at work.

Thirumurugan G
Senior Manager, End-User Computing
VMware Inc

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Excellent platform for learning professional level programming.

Divin A
Senior Technical Specialist
Philips Healthcare

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"I found the SourceLens to be one of the most comprehensive resources to learn debugging as well as brush up programming concepts from time to time. Being relatively new to the field of driver debugging and having mostly used Visual Studio, I was ill at ease with Windbg and kernel debugging at first. There are a lot of resources on the web, but most of them require a certain familiarity with Windbg. The Uniqueness of SourceLens, in my opinion, is that it starts from a very basic introduction and goes incrementally towards the more complex layers involved with debugging and dump analysis. The steps are easy to follow, the explanations concise, and one can get a lot out of a few minutes spent. I am sure that every developer, irrespective of experience, will benefit and have their curiosity peaked. My visits to the SourceLens will be recursive no doubt, to check on the latest updates."

Sanjeev Raman
Software Development Engineer, EMC Corporation

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"What makes the materials in SourceLens or SourceLens itself is that the quality is Professional and nothing less. Being a Software developer, even after several years of industry Experience, I have never gone deep in memory management, assembly, threading etc until I got exposed to these materials. The materials opened up a whole new world of technical possibility. No other place you have to look out for to get the complete understanding of the topic. Anyone will be able to deliver something, substantial, in the shortest span of time with the help of the SourceLens. Due to the high potential of the material I have recommended this to my brother as well who is a fresher. "

Shishir Kanthi
Senior Software Engineer
McAfee Inc.

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"SourceLens teaches what is precisely required in the industry. Not just theory or just practical but it’s best of both. I learned advanced concepts like stack structure in C, assembly, debugging etc which are not available otherwise in a single place. I highly recommend this to anyone who like to get into the very basic of programming and computer science in general."

Sriram Mannan
Senior Software Engineer,
Citrix Systems Inc

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"Depth and professionalism in the material is better than anything you have followed in the similar topic. Debugging and it's explanations are easier to follow than any existing book or materials. Completeness of the topic is another factor. The Windbg training series is very useful to me in my daily work at Intel."

Sandeep Mamilla
Software Development Engineer,
Intel Inc., Alumini IIIT Bangalore

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"I completed by BE in Electronics and Communication and had little to no programming background, SourceLens made me a Professional Developer in no time. After following the SourceLens training material I attended the developer interview in Citrix and I got through in the first attempt. Today I can read Complex C Code at ease. SourceLens’ unique methodology for teaching programming can transition an Amateur Programmer into an Advance Programmer with very little efforts."

Santosh Singh
Software Engineer,
Citrix Systems Inc

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