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The DISCOUNT CODE of ALL online courses follows the same format which is MONTHYYYY where the 'MONTH' is the current month in capital letter and YYYY is current the year. For example this month its MAY2021 and next month it will be JUNE2021 and so on depends on when you are reading this. More than often one previous month and one upcoming month should work, for example, if the current month is October, SEPTEMBER2021, OCTOBER2021 and NOVEMBER2021 should work.
If you have already purchased the training without a coupon code, you can do a return, then later apply the code and buy again with the discount.

Reverse Engineering, Malware analysis and debugging

Windbg - A complete guide for Advanced Windows Debugging
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Windbg is the single most powerful, debugging and reverse engineering tool in windows platform. Windbg is like an x-ray plus mri plus ct scan for programs running on windows operating system, including the operating system itself. It helps us to root cause complicated problems like we discussed in windows ( OS ) and programs running inside the operating system. Just like the name implies this training has all the details which you need to master windbg. I have spent all my efforts to make sure this is the best and most complete windbg training available right now and I will keep adding topics to make sure that the statement is true in the future as well.

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Basic Computer Science

The Ultimate beginners course for Computer Science or IT
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This course has the very fundamentals to start your computer science journey and needs no prerequisites at all. It is designed in a way such that you can test yourself whether the IT or computer science related career is suited for you or not. This course has all the secrets of the biggest technological revolution of our time - Computing and Information technology. This course explains how computing works at the lowest possible level and equips you with the knowledge, by which you can go anywhere from here like computer programming, Cloud computing, security, Devops, IOT, AI, quantum computing, - almost anything.

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