Enrollment Steps

You are selecting the training you are interested in and enrol in it by providing your contact details. This is the step 1, how fast step 2 happens from step 1 depends and a lot of factors mainly how many others are requesting for the same training. Which means if you are enrolling for a training which is frequently being conducted say "Computer Programming fundamentals Part 1" there is a very good chance step 2 will be executed faster.
Once there is a minimum number of candidates for the training we schedule the particular training. Mainly this includes confirming the location, date and timing of the training program. So there is good chance that a course which has high demand takes priority.
We will reach out to you mostly via call as well as email to confirm your availability for the schedule in step 2. We highly recommend you to accept the schedule at this point, especially if you have enrolled for a training which is not popular. If you are fine with the schedule, you can optionally make the payment as well. We will be sharing the payment link in the confirmation email.
The training is conducted at the mentioned location, date and time in step 2. It is required to make the payment on the first day itself, unless you have already made the online payment.