SourceLens Mentoring

Everyone is different.

Let's face it and we know it. That's why we have SourceLens mentoring program. All one to one. So what is it? 4 hours of mentoring and guidance in the area of your interest. Unlimited email response for your questions with 1 day SLA for 30 days which is the span of the program. If you are unsure about your career goals our mentor will help you set it. After the assessment of your current skills and your target, the mentor will set a guidance path for you, tailored fully to your calibre, schedule and interests. Now, your mentor is not some random person so you can be sure of the results.

Buy 1 month for AUD 396

One to one with a refund guarantee

All one to one session, either direct (at Sydney Australia) or online. Sessions will be recorded for your reference later and will be given to you. Like all other SourceLens offerings, a "full refund guarantee" if you are not happy with the results.

Buy 1 month for AUD 396

What mentoring is not!

This is not full-fledged training but mostly directions and guidance, helping you when you're stuck with something, answering your questions, assessment of your progress. This is not consulting, which means your queries and questions should be limited to your learning and not production debugging of a piece of code you are writing for your company. Our mentor may answer such questions in a minimal way while if you want him to troubleshoot it for you and solve it, reach out to SourceLens Consulting. In short, this is for learning only and if you have questions contact us.

Buy 1 month for AUD 396