Frequently Asked Questions

What are these courses about?

Computer programming, Computer Security and Computer System administration. If that is not making any sense to you, you can just think "Computer and Information technology" related. All courses are instructor-led, classroom sessions, in and around Sydney CBD NSW. Go to our course list here for more details.

Who can attend these courses?

Our beginner level courses are not expecting any computer background or requiring to have any related knowledge. So anyone who can read and understand the English language and have a keen interest in technology can attend our beginner level courses.

Is there any particular order in which I need to take these courses?

Yes. If you are new to programming or not having any industry experience you have to follow the path we have set up for beginners. We will give you more details when you enroll.

I want to learn information technology but I don't know where to start, what should I do?

Great. Let's guide you. Please contact us and let's have a quick discussion, we are happy to guide you.

How much does this cost?

At the time of this writing, we do have a flat 75% promotional discount going on and therefore it is $24 AUD per hour including GST, after discount. Normally all courses are 16 hours which span across 2 days. So total 384 AUD including GST for a particular training.

Who is going to be the instructor for these courses?

At the time of this writing, all our course are taken directly by George A. Below are his roles before joining SourceLens full time and he has a total of 16+ years of designing, coding, debugging and shipping software like Microsoft Windows OS, Citrix XenApp, Vmware Horizon View etc.

Staff Engineer - Vmware Inc,
Principal Engineer - Intel ( Security ),
Senior Software Engineer - Citrix Inc,
Software Developer SE - Microsoft Corporation.

What are my job opportunities after the completion of these courses?

At the time of this writing, we have not partnered with any recruitment firms or companies. But the course itself is designed and targeted only towards industry and employability. Also, the instructor has solid experience in core product development in companies like Microsoft, Citrix, Intel and Vmware and has interviewed and recruited dozens of employees (if not 100s) to these companies. Last but not the least it's worth pointing out that IT jobs are always highly paid and mostly headhunted in Australia, Europe, and the USA. Feel free to contact us in case you have more questions around this topic.

How do I enrol for a course?

Go to our course list here and Enrol for the course you wish to. The complete process is available in this page.

What if I am not happy with training after attending it?

We will assess your background before you start the course such that you can follow it and will have a productive outcome. But both of us can be wrong and it's our fault. If you think the training was not productive for you, request a refund.

What are the conditions for a refund?

None at the moment, but we expect you have attended the course and has put genuine effort to grasp the concepts from an ethical standpoint.

Due to some reasons, I could not attend a confirmed training either partially or fully? Can I apply for a refund?

Ideally no, the refund option we are giving for people to try something new which they are afraid to try or waste money on. If you are not attending a confirmed training you are not falling into that category. So it's not genuine to ask a refund, but note, our refund is, at the moment, unconditional. So technically, you can request and get a refund although it's not the right and ethical thing to do in this case.

I am unhappy on the very first day of training and going everything being discussed over my head. Am I eligible for a refund and can skip the next day?

Yes you are, and you can skip the rest of the training. Talk to the instructor, he will arrange a refund for you. Also, we would like to talk to you in detail. Your case means to us that we also need improvement from our side, such that it won't happen next time.

Where and when the courses are conducted?

Currently, in and around Sydney CBD. All courses are scheduled on Weekends and Weekdays at the moment. Which can span accross both Saturday and Sunday. Courses are always scheduled on demand and you need to enrol for details. See the process flow here.

Do I need to make payment at the time of enrollment?

No. At the enrollment time, we just take your contact and will reach out to you via email, with the time and details of the training, to know your background and to confirm your seat.

When do I have to make the payment?

You can make the payment at the training venue, when you reach for the training or you can do online, after the enrollment confirmation.

Can I make the payment after the training?

Yes, but please inform us about it, at the time when we reach out to you with the confirmation details of your enrollment.

Is the location going to be the same for all courses?

No. The locations can be different based on the availability, capacity and quality requirements of the training. You should always refer to your confirmation email from us, to know the location of the training.

What all should I bring to the training?

A laptop preferably with a Windows OS. Mac or Linux is fine too but Windows is highly recommended. GCC and VS code will be provided as development tools. You will be doing your practicals in your machine. Optionally you can get a notepad and pencil or pen. We will be sharing the materials for the training in pdf and ppt format.

I have a Mac what should I do?

We recommend a Windows OS but if you cannot arrange one, see if you can follow this steps before you come for the training. So you need to have Xcode installed before you come for the training.

I have a Linux what should I do?

We recommend a Windows OS but if you cannot arrange one, see if you can follow this steps before you come for the training. So you need to have Gcc and GDB installed with any UI based text editor, before you come for the training. Please note we won't use or don't recommend VI editor so you may need a Linux with UI unless you know by yourself how to use VI editor. VI is great but that itself is a skill and not part of our training at the moment.

How can I cancel the confirmed enrollment?

If your seat is confirmed for a particular training, you would have got the confirmation email from us. To cancel the confrimed seat, send an email to us via replying, to the email we sent you confirming your enrollment, expressing your interest to cancel your seat. We appreciate if you can let us know this as early as possible, such that someone else will be eligible for that seat.

How can I cancel an enrollment which is yet to be confirmed?

You can email us with your details, provided you are yet to be contacted by SourceLens for confirmation. Details should include your full name, email and the training you have enrolled for.

Are there any breaks in between the training?

A course is normally 16 hours which spans across 2 days. There is 5 min break after each hour and 30 mins break for lunch. Generally, students should expect a packed up schedule as most of the courses have a high 'topics discussed’ to ‘hours of training’ ratio.

Are there any certificates obtained after the training?

You will be getting the completion certificate of the specific course which you are completing, upon successful completion of the course.

How do I make the payment for the training?

You either do online payment or you can pay directly at the training location.

How do I apply for a return and refund?

If you are not able to follow or unhappy with the training, you can email us or let the instructor know, we will initiate the payment same day or the very next day. In this case, we will be keen to take your feedback to understand what we could do better for you.

How do I enrol in a course?

You can go to this link select course and click enrol and if you have any question feel free to contact us.

How to request for a course which is not scheduled at present?

The courses which are yet to be scheduled will have Express interest option to it. You can express interest here on any such listed courses and once there are 5 such requests for a specific training, that course is automatically scheduled in next available slot. Once it is scheduled you will be informed via email to start your enrollment.

How to request for a course which is not scheduled or listed but in youtube channel?

Please contact us with your requirement.

None of above questions has answer to my doubt, what should I do?

Please contact us .